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About us

Founded in September 1980, Shandong Society for Environmental Science (SSES) is the largest environmental scientific society in Shandong province, with 20 specialized sub-commitees and more than 3000 members covering more than 30 subjects, including environmental protection, agricultural, water conservance, forestry, iatrology, ocean, meterology, metallurgy, chemical engineering, mining industry and construction industry, etc. SSES is dedicated to unite and organize social resouces, for carrying out environmental scientific research, developing and popularizing  advanced environmental technologies, advocating and motivating social scientific spirit, etc.

SSES has undergone seven general elections and is now the seventh Council, with 3 entities and 12 branches. The secretariat is the daily working organization under the leadership of the Council, and consists of comprehensive management department, financial department, academic exchange department, science popularization department, publicity department, training center, outreach (member service) department and so on.

We have "SSES member pool" and SSES expert pool", gathering experts, scholars and social celebrities who have academic attainments, technical expertise, management experience and social influence in ecological environment field inside and outside the province, covering the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, water pollution, solid waste pollution, environmental chemistry, environmental management, environmental impact assessment, etc. Through continuous reform and innovation, the service ability of SSES has been effectively improved, and SSES has been awarded honorary tilte of "Advanced Unit of Academic Society Work" many times by the Shandong Association for Science and Techonology, title of "Excellent Organization Unit" by the Chinese Society for Environmental Science, title of "Benchmark Social Organizations in Shandong" and "5A Social Organization" by Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong province.