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Scope of Service

1. Academic Exchange

    Academic exchange is an important task for the society to implement the strategy of talents-strengthening, which is the foundation of the society and the source of vitality. High-quality and high-level academic exchange is an important channel to expand business vision, improve working ability and realize own value. SSES holds various academic exchange conferences and seminars, technical forums, lectures and other forms of academic exchange activities every year.

2. Science Popularization

Science popularization is the key measure to improve the scientific and cultural level of the public, and it is also the responsibility and task of SSES. Conducting a series of science popularization activities on World Environment Day, National Science Popularization Day and during the period of Shandong Province College Students Science and Technology Festival every year; promoting the construction of periodicals and environmental science popularization works through the journal of “Environment and Life” established by the secretariat of SSES; cultivating environmental science popularization base, give full play to its role of science popularization in the field of ecological environment; planning various popularization activities of ecological environment topics for different groups of people, and widely publicize the popularization knowledge of ecological environment, etc.

3. Awards and Talent Recommendation

In terms of award selection, SSES established "Science and Technology Award for Environmental Protection of Shandong Society for Environmental Science", which has become an important support for the professional title evaluation.

In terms of talents recommendation, we actively recommend outstanding scientific and technological workers and projects in ecological environment field in Shandong province to national and provincial departments, including awards and titles as “Science and Technology Award for Environmental Protection of the Chinese Society for Environmental Science”, “Young Scientists Award”, Outstanding Scientific and Technological workers in Shandongand Shandong Youth Science and Technology Award”.

4. Research and Project Declaration

SSES gives full play to the role of expert think tanks and actively carries out decision-making consulting activities. As a management unit of research subject establishment, SSES has carried out subject establishment research work every year since 2020, and opened up new ways for enterprises and institutions to establish research subject; as a research subject undertaking unit, SSES conducts research work independently or jointly with research institutes, universities, and enterprises; assisting enterprises to prepare subject documents, carrying out project declaration and other work, helping enterprises to elevate brand value.

5.Science and Technological Achievements Evaluation

The evaluation of scientific and technological achievements is an important means and guarantee to optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources and improve the level of science and technology. SSES can undertake the evaluation work of all kinds of scientific and technological achievements in ecological environment and related fields, including the acceptance, appraisal and assessment of relevant scientific and technological achievements or projects, as well as the evaluation of new processes and new equipment of enterprises.

6.Publication of Social Association Standards

Association standard is an integral part of the national standard system, and is necessary supplement to national standards, industry standards, and local standards. SSES can organize and release association standards of all kinds, such as products and technical specifications, evaluation guidelines and so on.

7. Environmental Education and Training

    SSES has the necessary basic conditions of environmental protection education and training and rich practical experience, and has highly qualified and trained faculty team. Training includes targeted commissioned training for enterprises and institutions, professional skills training for employees engaged in ecological environment protection and research practice, etc.

8. Commercialization and Promotion of Scientific and Technological Achievements

    SSES has the ability to unite and integrate resources from government, academic institutes, financial institutions, enterprises, companie and clients, etc., accelerate the landing of the techinical achievements, establish a diverse, resource-focused, collaborative, open and comprehensive industrial innovation ecological system.

    Engaging in ecological environment pollution status investigation and risk assessment, ecological environment restoration, water treatment, research and development, promotion and application of environmental remediation technology, equipment and agents and other businesses. Established a technology display and promotion platform, entered the "Innovation China" platform, based on both supply and demand, provide full-process service such as technology evaluation, transformation, landing and promotion, etc; at the same time, created multi-dimensional publicity platforms integrated exhibition, periodicals, electronic journal, brochure, website, etc.

9. International Cooperation

    Setting up international cooperation platform, organize and customize overseas exchange and learning delegations for companies and universities; carry out international cooperation projects, such as atmospheric environment pollution treatment project with Ricardo-AEA (UK) and clean production project with Leigh University (USA), etc.