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The 4th Young Scientists Forum on Ecology and Environment

Time:2023-05-31 11:43:55Clicks:227

On 26 May, the fourth "Young Scientists Forum on Ecology and Environment" was held in Jinan, hosted by the Shandong Socity for Environmental Science. Li Wancong, Director of the Academic Department of SSES, presided over the forum.

The Conference Venue

At the meeting, Li Wancong firstly introduced the background of the forum and the work done by SSES in serving science and technology workers and helping the growth of talents, and briefly explained the future initiatives of SSES to continue to strengthen the contact and cooperation with young and middle-aged scientists, and expressed eager expectation for the active participation of young and middle-aged scientists in the relevant work and support for the work of the Society in the future.

Professor Zhang Zhibin from Shandong Jianzhu University was invited to give a presentation entitled "Ecological and Environmental Technology Systems and Innovation Needs in Shandong Province". Based on the current changes in the roles and tasks of various eco-environmental departments, Professor Zhang, combined with his own work experience, listed the needs for eco-environmental technology innovation in Shandong Province in six areas such as pollution prevention and control, ecological protection and restoration, and made suggestions for young scientists and technicians with a view to helping them grow faster.