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The 429th Taishan Science and Technology Forum was successfully held

Time:2023-05-29 09:23:27Clicks:187

On 25 May, the 429th Taishan Science and Technology Forum, Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection Collaborative Innovation and Industrial Development Summit, was successfully held jointly by Shandong Science and Technology Association, Shandong Society for Environmental Science, Shandong Green Industry and Environmental Safety Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, Shandong Environmental Protection Scientific Research and Design Institute Co. Ji Ming, Secretary of Shandong Society for Environmental Science, presided over the meeting.

At the conference, researcher Qiao Qi, Chief Scientist of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, gave a speech entitled "Industrial Development and Green Transformation in the Yellow River Basin under the Background of Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality". Researcher Qiao explained the far-reaching significance of achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, analysed the current situation of industrial development, and made suggestions for the green transformation of industries in the Yellow River Basin.

Professor Wang Kaijun from Tsinghua University gave a keynote presentation titled "Exploration and Practice of a New Concept of Integrated Water Basin Management". Starting from the needs of comprehensive river environment improvement and ecological restoration, Professor Wang proposed the concept and method of river ecological corridor construction, and shared the classic case of ecological corridor construction in Yongding River Basin, pointing out the new water concept of the future to lead the construction of urban water environment.