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International coorperation

International Coorperation

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    SSES now focuses and welcomes any form of international cooperation, including but not limited to the following few aspects:

    SSES is trying to do the academic exchange, especially inputting professional intelligent from foreign organizations, holding academic exchange conferencescarrying on cooperative research. SSES will expand exchanges in the academic field and promote more in-depth research in the field of ecological environment.

    SSES focuses on technology extension, especially inputting advanced techniques and products of energy saving and pollution control, monitoring. The sincere collaboration with you will make you open a wide market in China.

    SSES aims to contribute to the continuing education and training for environmental technicians at home and abroad with inviting experts to give instructions for them.

    SSES provides opportunities for teenagers to visit environmental science bases, nature reserves, universities, enterprises, and helps domestic and foreign college students to join in a short-term internship in environment and related fields.

    SSES holds public useful activities on different environmental themes.    

    We warmly welcome individuals, enterprises and organizations who interested in environmental protection to contact us!