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Belgian delegation visit Shandong to promote new technologies

Time:2018-12-06 09:43:00Clicks:463

    The Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in China held a Belgian environmental protection technology promotion conference in Jinan on December 4, and introduced advanced environmental protection technologies to more than 60 Shandong enterprises. SSES attended the meeting as a special guest and had friendly conversations with the representatives of Belgium. 

    Commercial counselor Peter Christiaen of Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in China attended the promotion conference, and said that environmental protection is one of the important areas of cooperation between Belgium and Shandong, and this promotion conference has built a bridge and platform for exchanges and cooperation between enterprises of the two places. In the process of industrial development of Flanders District and Shandong, environmental pollution has occurred. After more than 50 years of exploration, Flanders District has accumulated rich experience and mastered advanced technology in the field of environmental protection. The Belgian government supports environmental protection technology and industrial cooperation between Belgium and China, and also welcomes China enterprises to invest and develop in Belgium.

    Xiaojiang Liu, vice-president of China Council For The Promotion of International Trade Shandong Sub-Council, said at the promotion conference that Shandong has clearly realized that its development mode of relying too much on resources and energy consumption has not fundamentally changed, and the pattern of many areas of pollutant emissions, large volume and high intensity has not fundamentally changed, so it is urgent to find innovative solutions to speed up solving the development problems we face. Flanders District of Belgium has strong strength in chemical industry, life science, environmental protection and many other industries. This promotion conference helped Shandong enterprises to understand the development trend of innovative environmental protection products and industries in Europe more directly. Hope that in the future, the two sides will carry out more cooperation in health care, sustainable chemistry, new energy and new materials.

    "The Flanders district government will give support to R&D projects and enterprises which committed to promoting environmentally friendly new products and advanced technologies." Lothe Verstraete, director of the Flanders Investment and Trade in China said, the Flanders district government has always attached great importance to the research and development of advanced technologies, and has R&D clusters in life sciences, nanotechnology, environmental protection, advanced manufacturing, etc. At the same time, environmental protection industry associations such as European Wind Energy Association and European Solar Energy Association are all located in Flanders, hoping to find cooperation opportunities with Shandong enterprises through this conferences.

    Frans Snijkers, Commercial Manager of VITO released the information of eight Belgian enterprises seeking cooperation in organic waste treatment technology, solar panel efficiency improvement technology, wind power technology, wastewater and waste slurry purification phosphate technology.

    Mao Debin, chief representative of Belgian Flanders Institute of Technology in China, also expressed his hope to cooperate with Shandong in the fields of comprehensive decision-making and refined control system of ambient air quality, high-voltage arc drilling technology, medium-low temperature geothermal power generation, simultaneous injection technology of soil pollution detection and remediation agent injection, 3D printing+phase change technology, steel slag recycling and so on.